The Power of Books

The Power of Books

World Book Day

They reside in our homes, we use them on our daily commute, and we even take them on holiday. Books.

To honour World Book Day are discussing the power of books. Looking at how books change lives and the benefits of reading.

How Books Change Lives


To show empathy means you have the ability to understand and share the feelings of another person.

Being empathetic towards others is an essential skill for any teacher. Teachers who display empathy are more likely to build positive relationships with their students.

Books can help improve empathy. Through reading different books you are learning to understand the world through alternative perspectives.

This can be transferred into daily, real-life scenarios through understanding and relating to individuals from different backgrounds.


It’s all about you!

Whilst self-care Sunday’s trend on Tik Tok, improving your self-knowledge has been a long-standing trend made by books.

A book can help you improve your self-knowledge. In reading books you are able to find themes and subjects that ring true to you.

You may even find yourself nodding along whilst reading because you see so much of yourself within a character (hopefully not one of the Twits though…).


You are never alone with a good book. You’re constantly connecting with books.

You can connect with other readers and authors.

One Google search will lead you to an endless list of book clubs. They help you relate to others. Books from all over the world help you connect with other individuals who share the same struggles and dreams as you.

Benefits Of Reading   


Calling all our teachers, how many of you are in need of a massage by 3pm on a Friday?

The need to relax and unwind at the end of the working week is inevitable. But with price and availability, relaxing with a massage at the end of every week feels impossible.

But, relaxing with a book at the end of every week is possible (and much cheaper).

And reading is known to have the same therapeutic effect. By reading a book you can escape reality for 20 minutes or 2 hours and place yourself in a state of tranquility (unless you’re reading Stephen King’s The Shining…)

Confidence Booster

Struggling with your confidence? Feeling a little shy? Reading could be the cure to your problems.

Reading = knowledge.

You can learn new skills, hobbies and subjects. By improving your knowledge you can improve your confidence.

You’ll notice an improvement in your confidence when you find yourself openly speaking about the new skills, hobbies or subjects you now have knowledge on.

Conversation Starter    

Do you remember when the hot topic of conversation was are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Despite the majority of people basing their decision on Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner’s acting, the debate would not have existed without the book.

Reading is a great conversation starter and can help you in social situations when you are struggling to find subjects to speak on.

Our Favourite Reads   

With both children and adults dressing up every year as a character from their favourite book for World Book Day, we wanted to share some of our favourite books.

“The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”

“Fantastic Mr.Fox”

“Gone Girl”

“The Runaways”

How many of our favourites have you read? Do you share the same favourite book as one of us?

Helping Others

As we celebrate World Book Day this year we would like you all to consider children who are less fortunate and less able to access books.

At Forward Teaching we want to offer our support by providing books to local schools we are in connection with.

With this we would like to ask you all to donate any old books (suitable for primary or secondary education) to us. If you are able to donate any books to us please check over them to ensure there’s no writing or notes in the books that would prevent them from being of good use to other individuals.

Please contact us if you wish to donate.