Why We Love Teachers

Why We Love Teachers

Love Is All Around Us  

To quote Wet Wet Wet, Love is all around us.

In the run up to Valentine’s Day, we thought we’d join the celebration of love and express the love we have for our teachers.

So, for today’s hot topic we’re discussing why we love teachers!

Their Ability To Protect

They’re the Batman, Spiderman, and Wonder Woman’s to our children. From their first till last lesson of the day, our children are protected by their teachers.

We love that teachers provide their students with safe environments for them to learn new subjects, skills, and experiences within.

They listen to our children when we are not around, helping them find solutions to any of their problems.

Their Support

Teachers spend a lot of time with our children. And with their time comes great support.

We love that teachers help support our children with their goals and major milestones.

A teacher will be there to support and guide their students to achieve their GCSE levels or gain their rightful place at university.

Their Expertise

Some teachers are like encyclopedias. A child can ask them anything and they’ll have the answer.

With their knowledge in single or multiple subjects, we love that teachers are open to sharing their knowledge with our children.

Their knowledge and passion can have a great influence on our children.

Their Skills

Along with their good communication and their admirable confidence, we can’t forget how hardworking teachers are.

We love and admire how hardworking teachers are. A teacher will work extended hours outside of the classroom.

Using weekends and school breaks to grade work and plan lessons.

Their Happiness For Others

They’re one of the biggest cheerleaders for our children.

We love how teachers find and show happiness in their student’s success.

They will be one of the first to congratulate them on their improvements and results.

They are selfless and only want the best for their students.

Valentine’s Day

Here at Forward Teaching we’d like to wish you all a happy Valentine’s Day!

Whether you’re celebrating the day with a loved one, family or friends, cherish the day filled with so much love.

And instead of teachers, tell your partner, family member or friend why you love them.