Why Education Is Important

Why Education Is Important

International Day of Education

Did you know that at the start of the new school year from September 2022 to September 2023, 244 million children were still not in education worldwide?

It’s essential that everyone has access to a form of education.

To mark the importance of education and honour the International Day of Education commencing on January 24th, we’re discussing the main reasons why education is important.

Helps You Develop Skills

Whether it’s enhancing your ability to read and write or building your confidence.

Education can help you develop both your physical and mental skills.

It’s important for everyone to develop and learn new skills.

And the majority of skills you form through education can help you in everyday life.

Provides Stability   

We’ve all heard how the likes of Albert Einstein and Richard Branson dropped out of education.

But, despite the small heap of influential figures who were successful on leaving school, don’t be misled by their actions.

Education provides you with stability for your future.

Completing education is more likely to help you meet specific job requirements, helping you secure your ideal job (maybe one with Richard Branson…).

Helps You Mentally

Your mental health is important.

And one way to help improve your mental health is through education.

Through learning you will feel a sense of achievement, hopefully providing you with a regular dose of dopamine (the happy hormone).

Why Education Is Important

Helps You With Personal Growth

Do you want to climb your own ladder of success? Well, education will help you.

Through having access to education you can achieve new heights.

You can expand your knowledge, understand an array of perspectives, and learn how to make informed decisions.

Helps Protect You

Like a coat will protect you from this cold January weather, education will protect you in your future decisions.

You may not realise it at the time, but your education can help you when it comes to reading and understanding important documents.

Whether it’s agreeing to Apple’s Terms and Conditions or making an offer on your first home, your education can play a key role in these decisions.


So, hopefully now you understand why education is important. It’s important that everyone has access to education. Join us in celebrating International Day of Education this coming Wednesday.