Why Become a Teacher

Why Become a Teacher

If you’re learning to be a teacher or debating a career change to become one, then now is the time to read this blog and hear some words of wisdom from some of our very own teachers on why they became a teacher.

“I wanted to inspire others”

Who inspires you? It’s a question we will all be asked at least once in our lifetime. Now, imagine your name is the answer to this question. Imagine the sense of joy and fulfilment you could experience from encouraging others to achieve their dreams. From single words to full length lessons, what you say and do could inspire the next generation.

You could be the next Coach Carter.

“I wanted to share my knowledge” 

Knowledge is powerful and should be shared with others. Imagine a life where David Attenborough didn’t share his knowledge of our planet with us. Now I can’t speak for you, but I know this isn’t a life I would want.

Whether it’s Maths, English, Science or Art, if you have expert knowledge in one or more of these subjects then why not share your knowledge with others and begin building meaningful connections with our younger generation.

“I wanted to learn from others”

So, we know knowledge is powerful and as a teacher you can add to that knowledge everyday with learning new things from those you are teaching. You can play both roles and be the student as well as the teacher.

A child who reads endless books on Outer Space may know 10 facts about aliens when you only knew 1. So, never dismiss a student’s passion, instead be open and potentially learn something new from them.

“I wanted a rewarding career”

How many certificates do you have stored in a cupboard or under the bed in your house? We’ve all held on to that one swimming certificate or football trophy because of the satisfaction they gave us when we received them. We all love the feeling.

Now, imagine the feeling of satisfaction you receive when your student finally spells their name right or gets the grade they needed to get into university. Being a teacher is difficult but it’s rewarding when you know you’ve helped a student overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

“I wanted to help children from all different backgrounds”

All students you teach will have different backgrounds. Although you won’t be able to teach 1-2-1, it is important to note that each student is a unique individual whose life and school experience is different to yours and those they are sat next to in class.

As a teacher you should focus on having a consistent presence in your student’s lives. You will want to make their school experience the best it can be.

Becoming a Teacher. Top 5 Attributes. 

So, after hearing some words of wisdom from our teachers you may still be wondering if you have what it takes to be a teacher. With this in mind we wanted to provide you with 5 key attributes we believe are most desirable in teachers.

As a teacher, you should be:

  • Resilient
  • Caring
  • Open-Minded
  • Patient
  • Diplomatic

Take some time after reading this blog to study yourself and these attributes to see how many you already have. And if you don’t have all our top 5 then please do not panic or think you are going to fail as a teacher. These are simply 5 out of 100s of attributes you could have as a teacher. Good Luck!

We would like to thank our teachers who were able to share their answers with us on why they became a teacher. Your input was very helpful for this blog.