Ways to Stay Motivated to Teach Throughout the School Year

ways to stay motivated to teach

We all know that teaching can be a demanding job. Whether we like to admit it, it can sometimes be difficult to remain motivated all the way through from September to July.

Which is why at Forward Teaching, we have listed our top tips to keep you motivated throughout the academic year, so you don’t find yourself burning out in the first few months.

1. Make little changes

Break the monotony of your day-to-day teaching routine. Make little changes to your lessons that not only engage and excite your students but keep you on your toes too. Try to make every lesson different, even if it’s only in a little way so that you don’t get stuck in the same routine. Play a game, perform an experiment, open a class discussion – the opportunities are endless but will depend on age and subject of the class you are teaching. Keep it relevant yet exciting, as engaged pupils make for an engaged teacher. If children are coming into your class prepared to be bored it will take its toll on your enthusiasm and motivation.

2. Make the most of your downtime

It is so important to make the most of your downtime. You can read our blog on finding the perfect work-life balance here if this is something you struggle with. Knowing when to leave work behind and wind down, can do wonders for your motivation. Working in your downtime will very quickly burn through your motivation, to the point where you won’t have any left for your classes during school hours.

3. Set yourself goals

Set yourself, or your class, goals to work towards that should be achieved by the end of the term or school year. Having an ambitious goal to work towards can be a great way to increase everyone’s motivation, as well as keeping you on track throughout the academic year.

Keeping up motivation throughout the school year can be difficult and you shouldn’t feel disheartened if you go through a stage of having very little motivation for your classes. Follow our top tips and don’t forget to speak to other teachers in the same situation, as 9 times out of 10, you are not alone.

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