Top tips to help keep Teachers fighting fit this autumn

Top tips to help keep Teachers fighting fit this autumn

With the sunny evenings dwindling and the autumn air setting in we thought it would be a perfect time to share our tips for fighting off flu this autumn. So, grab that pumpkin latte, snuggle up under your favourite throw and take a peek at the tips below!


1. Keep the tissues at the ready!

Make sure you have a handy pack of pocket tissues and hand sanitiser in your bag and on your desk. Perhaps even have a child friendly box of tissues at the ready, on your desk, for easy access for the kids. Using tissues can help to reduce the spread of germs in the classroom.


2. Stock up on the vitamins!

Whatever your preference, make sure you stock up and remember to take your daily dose. Lots of high street chains currently have a promo on vitamins so get in while they’re cheap.


3. Hooray, hooray get your 5 a day!

We all know it but eating a wide variety of fruit and veg is vital to keeping your immune system healthy. Why not get a group fruit bowl going in the staff room and take turns to fill it with different healthy snacks each week.


4. Get green fingered in the classroom.

Studies have shown that keeping plants indoors can help to reduce air pollution, increase oxygen levels and reduce fatigue by 30% as well as reducing coughs by up a whopping to 37%. They’re also great way for little ones to study and chart plant growth!


5. Understand the absence reporting procedure

It might sound silly to say but it’s essential to make sure you understand the correct reporting procedure. When you really are unwell it can be stressful enough worrying about your class without the hassle of who your meant to report to – save the number as a contact in your phone for ease.


And lastly here’s one for all the schools, business managers and head teachers – we hope that these top tips keep your teachers fighting fit, but should you ever be in need of some supply support, be it in advance or last minute cover – contact us, we’re here to help!