Early Career Teachers: Top Tips

Early Career Teachers: Top Tips

Securing a Job For Your Induction Years

Are you in your final stages at university, completing a degree to become a teacher? If you are then now’s the time to begin exploring the job opportunities available to you for you to complete your induction years through.

As part of this process, you should understand what your induction is, how you can complete your induction, and the added benefits you can receive from using an agency to secure a job for your induction years.

Understand Your Induction: Recap

So, before you are considered fully qualified to teach, you must complete training on the job; this is your induction. It is important to note that the induction requirement (since 2021) has changed from 1 to 2 years under the new ECT system.

This means your induction will last for 2 years, and within these 2 years you will need to complete 6 full terms.

With completion of the 6 terms, you do not need to complete all of them at the same school. As long as your contract allows you to complete a minimum of 1 term, then you can complete your induction with a collection of schools.

The aim of having a 2-year induction is to provide you with extra support; developing and improving your teaching skills, and helping you become a better teacher overall. So, even though 2 years may feel like a long time to you, the end results will be worth it.

Completing Your Induction: Roles  

When securing a job for your induction years, you should consider the different roles you can apply for.

As well as applying for full-time teaching roles, it is also possible to complete your induction through part-time or supply teacher-based roles. You can apply for part-time roles and complete your induction as long as you have contracted hours.

You can apply to be a supply teacher; this role will count towards your induction, but your contract should be planned in advance to ensure you receive a fair assessment and the support you need as an ECT.

It is important to note that if you have a series of short-term supply contracts, or complete work as a day-to-day substitute supply, these roles will NOT count towards the completion of your induction.

Securing a Job: Using An Agency

The process of applying for a job can be intimidating to us all, but it can be made easier for you if you use an agency.

If you’re looking to secure a job for your induction years, we at Forward Teaching can help you. The benefits of using Forward Teaching, and agencies altogether to help you secure a job are as follows:

  • Support in helping you prepare for interviews
  • Provide you with more info on the job you are applying for – specifically information on the class you would be teaching & the school you would be teaching in.
  • Supply you with a CV template (Forward Teaching specifically)
  • Send out your CV for you – you do not need to stress over creating and sending out multiple CVs or completing long winded application forms – you can provide us with 1 CV, and we can send it to a collection of prospective roles and schools for you

At Forward Teaching we want to make your journey to securing a job in your induction years as smooth as possible. We are here to help you.

Your journey with us can start from today! Connect with us today.