The Importance Of Sports

The Importance Of Sports

National School Sports Week commenced on June 18th, and to honour it we are discussing the importance of sports in schools.

  • Helps Children Who Struggle Academically

Not all children strive academically throughout their school life.

If a child is struggling to achieve A Grades in Maths or English, then turn their attention towards sports and physical education at school.

Sports activities and physical education lessons help children strive in ways that cannot be achieved through sitting at a desk for an hour straight in class.

Offering a variety of sports activities in schools can allow a child to channel their inner David Beckham, Usain Bolt, or Serena Williams. An award-winning athlete can be formed at any school. And a child does not need an A* in English to win first place in the Olympics.

  • Benefits A Child’s Health

Whether it’s running or swimming, a variety of sports activities have positive impacts on a child’s physical health and mental wellbeing.

Along with helping children control their weight, practicing sports at school can help children build strong bones and muscles (maybe not to the point where they look like Arnold Schwarzenegger…)

And in terms of benefiting their mental health, by participating in physical education lessons, children can lower their stress levels and release any built-up tension.

Many sports activities are known to help with the release of the ‘happy’ hormone (serotonin).

The likes of running or swimming can help children improve their ‘happiness’ levels and can help them concentrate more in the classroom.

  • Helps Build Social Skills

For the children who struggle to form connections with others, encourage them to participate in physical education lessons.

A variety of sports activities can help children build on their social skills, with most requiring them to work as a team.

Encouraging children to work with others who they would not usually socialise with can help children form unique bonds, some that could remain as strong and lasting friendships.

Children can use sport as a topic of conversation throughout their academic and personal life.

Just look how everyone comes together when England plays in the World Cup. Sports helps form unlikely friendships and brings people together from all over the world.

Forward Teaching & Sports

We believe in the importance of sports in schools. Offering physical education lessons and a variety of sports activities can have a lasting impact on any individual.

Since leaving school each member of our team has continued to incorporate sports into their daily routine.

We go to the gym, complete home workouts, and play football. And each form of activity is helping shape us into the strong Forward Teaching Team we provide you with today.