The importance of maintaining a routine

The importance of maintaining a routine

Following the closure of school across the UK last week, we wanted to put together a blog all about the importance of maintaining a routine whilst at home with the kids.

How can you ensure you and your little ones stay happy and healthy through these tough times?

Make sure you get up and get ready in the mornings. As tempting as it is to have endless pyjama days – it’s not productive. Get up, get dressed and get moving – it will help to set you up for the day and get your mind and body active!

Do some exercise! There are thousands of free online workouts aimed at all ages so there really is no excuse to not get moving! Why not join the ever-popular Joe Wicks aka The Body Coach for his daily P.E. classes that the whole family can take part in. It will make you sweat!

Continue to learn. This doesn’t mean timetabling hours of strict schooling and feeling overwhelmed as a parent. This will likely result in you feeling stressed and your kids getting frustrated. Instead teach them how to bake a cake, go out in the garden and study wildlife, read a book or try creating some at home science experiments. There are some amazing free resources available and even if you have limited access to the internet or no garden, talk to your friends, share ideas because we are all in this together.

Stay social – just because we can’t go to the pub with our mates or to the park for a picnic play date doesn’t mean we can’t socialise. Make the best use of technology; Facetime, Whatsapp video call, Skype or Zoom are some of the great options where kids can have virtual play dates, you can share a cuppa with a loved one or even compete it virtual quizzes in some Friday Night Fun!

The important thing to remember is they are not at school and this is unknown territory for all of us. When all this is over may we never again take the small things for granted.
Just breathe.