The Benefits Of Supply Work

The Benefits Of Supply Work

Why Supply Work?

Did you know that 66% of UK employees feel that a good work-life balance is an important consideration when applying for a job?

Having a good work-life balance is crucial, and it’s just one of the benefits of supply work.

Now, let’s look at some of the other benefits that come with supply work.

Gives You Flexibility

You can fit supply work to you.

Unlike full-time staff in education who work with set holidays, with supply work you’ll benefit from the flexibility it provides you with.

You can take time off and arrange holidays for when suits you, there’s no strict schedule for you to follow.

Helps You Gain Experience

From working with early years to young adults, supply work will help you gain experience with a range of age groups.

Open yourself up to work in nurseries, primary education and secondary education and you will benefit from the experiences and gain a better understanding of how each age group learns.

And the more open you are to working with different ages, the more work you will likely receive.

Eases You Back Into Teaching

Anxious about returning to the classroom after some time away?

If you’ve previously been a teacher but have stepped away for a career change or to raise children, it can be a daunting experience returning to the classroom.

So, why not try supply work instead.

A benefit of supply work is that it helps ease you back into teaching if you’ve been away for some time.

You can start at your own pace and regain your original confidence in your own time.

Gives You More Control

Have you ever stayed in a job for longer than you wanted because you dreaded handing your notice in?

Well, this fear does not exist with supply work.

A key benefit of supply work is that you are given more control. If you don’t get on well in a certain school then you can easily avoid working in that same school again.

With supply work you can secure work in multiple schools, and in various locations.

You have a say in which schools you work with on a regular basis.

And you can accept and decline work on your terms.

Provides A Good Work-Life Balance

For the 66% of UK employees who value a good work-life balance, supply work would be a great fit for you.

After your day has finished you won’t need to take any work home with you, and you don’t need to threat over needing to attend formal school meetings.

Balance will be restored between your work and personal life with supply work.

Forward Teaching

Do you value the benefits that come with supply work?

If you’re a good fit for this type of work and are interested in finding and securing supply work, please contact us today.

We’re here to help you. Move forward with us today.