Benefits of Temporary Contracts

Benefits of Temporary Contracts

Temporary Contracts

They appear on Indeed and LinkedIn. Temporary contracts. What’s so good about them? We’re discussing the benefits of temporary contracts from a school’s perspective.

The ‘Try Before You Buy’ Method

Have you ever invested in a new dress, shirt or jumper and been disappointed with the fit?

The same disappointment can be felt with a new candidate who hasn’t quite worked out. Unlike the 30-day return policy you have with a new dress, a new candidate cannot be treated the same and returned so easily if on a permanent contract.

However, the fear of a disappointing fit can be fixed with temporary contracts.

Offering new candidates temporary contracts benefits schools in seeing whether a candidate is well suited to the role and the school itself.

Schools can utilise temporary contracts to find their perfect fit before offering permanent contracts. And the ‘Try Before You Buy’ method works in reverse too.

New candidates can also benefit from accepting a temporary contract. They too can see whether the role and school is a perfect fit for them. Both parties win.

Money Saving

Money, money, money.

When there’s a lot of money going out, it’s nice to save some where you can. And temporary contracts can act as a solution to this for some schools.

Temporary contracts are a cost-effective way for schools to reduce their overall spending.

Whereas permanent contracts may require additional benefits (i.e., health benefits) which cost money, schools can benefit from using temporary contracts which do not require the same additional benefits.

Keeping You Covered  

As well as reducing costs, temporary contracts can help cover schools in unexpected situations.

For example, if permanent candidates unexpectedly need to take a leave of absence for a long-term sickness or for maternity/paternity leave, then temporary contracts can come in handy.

Additionally, temporary contracts can help cover schools across the seasons.

For example, if there is a shortage of teachers in the lead up to Christmas then schools can offer temporary contracts for candidates between September to December.

Forward Teaching: Where We Come In  

So, Forward Teaching and temporary contracts, where do the two come hand-in-hand?

We at Forward Teaching can help your school save time when it comes to finding new candidates.

Connect with us and we can help advertise and secure a fit for any temporary positions your school has available.

Our task is to find you a temporary candidate, our aim is to provide you with a candidate who you never want to leave.