Resignation Day

Resignation Day


Resignation Day.

We’ve all been there, the slow walk towards your boss with your letter in hand, that roller-coaster feeling in the pit of your stomach. Handing in your notice can be an intimidating experience for anyone. That’s why it’s important to understand how to resign effectively and gracefully to avoid any disruption to the process.

Who To Tell

Your employment contract should clearly state who you need to report to if or when handing in your resignation. In most cases it will be your direct supervisor, manager, or HR department.

When resigning you should avoid telling your colleagues before you have officially handed your notice in. News travels fast, especially in smaller environments, and you do not want your manager to find out you are resigning through someone else.

What Format To Use

In most cases a formal letter is favoured when resigning. If in doubt always opt for the formal letter. Your resignation letter should include the following:

  • Date/Address Line
  • Statement of Resignation
  • Last Day of Work
  • Statement of Gratitude
  • Offer of Assistant Till Departure
  • Closing/Signature

When stating your last day of work, it is important you check your contract for your notice period. You want to avoid any questioning of your departure date.

Assessing Your Reasons For Leaving

Before, during, or even after writing your resignation letter, you should take some time to consider why you are leaving. Are you leaving for the right reasons?

If you are leaving because you feel unappreciated or hurt by your working environment, you may find that a simple conversation with your manager may resolve the issues and help you avoid resigning altogether.

If you do not feel any better after speaking with your manager, then you should continue with your resignation and find yourself alternative employment where you feel appreciated and satisfied.

Making A Lasting Impression

Once you have officially handed in your notice it is important to note that you should not give up or change your attitude towards work. You should remain graceful and be thankful for your time there, even if the experience was not what you were looking for.

You should depart the company on a high note. Make a lasting impression that leaves the company in awe of you. You should aim to leave a job on good terms, after all the company may need to provide you with a reference in the future. Or you may even wish to return to the company one day.

Teacher Resignation Day (May 31st)

A special note to all teachers and TA’s, May 31st is a key resignation date for you to mark in your calendars. If you wish to leave your current school in time for a new September start you need to hand in your notice by May 31st.

And please do not stress if you are seeking a new role and still have not found one, we at Forward Teaching can help you secure a new role for September. Contact us today and we can get the process started.