New Year, New Career

New Year, New Career

Happy New Year

It’s predicted that 66% of Brits are setting themselves a New Year’s resolution for 2024.

We’ve all lived and breathed the motto, “New Year, New Me”, well why not switch it up for 2024 with “New Year, New Career”.

A career in education may just be the connecting dot to you and your best year yet.

Unsure on whether a new career is what you need for the new year?

Let’s look at the top reasons why a new career may be the answer for you.

You Dread Going To Work

Do you regularly experience a case of the Sunday Scares?

Does anxiety and stress take over at 5pm (or earlier) on a Sunday?

Well, a regular case of the Sunday Scares is not something to be ignored.

And a new career could be the cure to your scares. No one should have to wake up on a Monday morning dreading the working week.

Open yourself to the possibility of a new career and restore peace into your Sundays.

Your Job Is Negatively Impacting Your Mental/Physical Health

I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s somewhat ‘normal’ for your job to negatively impact your mental or physical health from time to time.

But what isn’t ‘normal’ is when it’s happening all the time…

In an ideal world your job should have a 90% positive impact on your mental and physical health, leaving only 10% for the negativity.

If you feel overwhelmed with anxiety or constantly feel tired then maybe it’s time to reevaluate your career.

Your health is important after all.

Your Job Is Affecting Your Personal Life  

Are your loved ones feeling your work frustration?

If you’re finding yourself regularly cancelling plans with friends or picking fights with your family members, then your current job could be the cause of this.

If you feel your job is negatively affecting your relationships with friends or family then now’s the time to make a change.

No job is worth losing your friends and family members over.

You Don’t Feel Like You’re Making An Impact

Do you want to make a change to the world around you?

Is your current job preventing you from doing so?

If you want to be remembered or talked about in years to come but your current job prevents you from achieving this, perhaps it’s time for a new career where you can show your worth and be remembered for it.

A career where you can achieve this in education. Teachers make an impact every day when standing at the front of their classroom to teach.

As a teacher you help shape our future generation. And everyone lives to remember at least one teacher they’ve had in their lifetime.

That teacher could be you.

You No Longer Feel You’re Learning Or Growing

Have you hit a wall in your current role?

Do you find yourself staring at the clock all day waiting for the day to end?

If so, a new career may be the answer for you.

If you love to learn and want continuous growth in your career then open yourself up to the possibility of a new career.

Again, you could even consider a career in education.

As a teacher you’ll constantly learn on the job, and you can climb the ladder to find a variety of positions within the sector.

New Year, New Career

If you’re experiencing any of the points we have covered today, then a new career move may be for you.

But don’t wait for a new career to find you, be proactive. Get in touch with us at Forward Teaching today if you think a career in education is for you.

Don’t let your New Year’s resolution go to waste.

Follow the “New Year, New Career” and “New Year, New Me” will naturally follow in hand.


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