Interviews: The Do’s & Don’ts

Interviews: The Do’s & Don’ts


It’s the word we all fear most in the world of work… interviews.

But we can’t hide from them. Instead we must face our fear and understand what we should and shouldn’t do when attending interviews. And if you’re reading this blog you’ve come to the right place to do exactly that.

The Do’s.

1. Research

Prepare yourself for an interview through researching the company and role you are interviewing for. When researching the company you should study the following:

  • What does the company specialise in?
  • Who are the key team members?
  • Has the company appeared in any recent news/events?
  • What are the company values?
  • What is the company dress code?

And when researching the role you are interviewing for you should study the following:

  • What experience and skills are required?
  • Where is the role based? (It is important to know your travelling time for the role)
  • (If possible) Who is interviewing you?

You should use a company’s official website and their social media channels when completing your research. LinkedIn is a great place to see who is connected to the company you are interviewing for.

2. Dress to Impress

NO sombreros.

Hopefully you are able to find the company’s dress code through your research but if in doubt dress smart to avoid appearing unpresentable for the role.

For women you should opt for wearing knee-length dresses or a skirt/trousers with a blazer.

For men you should opt for wearing a dress shirt with trousers and a blazer or sweater.

3. Prepare/Ask Questions

At the end of your interview it is likely that the interviewer will ask if you have any questions. Do NOT say no!

Prepare yourself. Have 2-3 questions ready to ask the interviewer. Make sure the questions are open for discussion.

You want to reverse the roles and make the interviewer think about what you’re asking them.

An example question: “Why do you enjoy working for this company?”

Now, those are the top 3 Do’s, let’s move on to the top 3 Don’ts.

The Don’ts.

1. Arrive Late

Plan ahead and give yourself more time than you need when attending your interview.

If you need to take public transport, map out your route and check bus/train times.

Trains are unpredictable and can be delayed so get the earlier train even if it means you have to sit in a coffee shop for an hour before your interview.

Treat yourself to that breakfast baguette in Pret and arrive promptly for your interview.

2. Chew Gum (Or Eat)

We all want to have a fresh breath for an interview, and that extra shot of Listerine mouthwash in the morning should do the trick.

But, whatever you do to stay fresh, do NOT chew gum going into an interview.

And if you’re self-conscious of having bad breath, maybe just avoid that slice of garlic bread right before your interview.

Let’s say NO to chewing gum or eating any form of food whilst being interviewed.

3. Use Mobile Phones

The same rules apply with your phone during an interview as they do when you are taking off on a flight. Like the notifications annoy the pilots, they also annoy your interviewer.

Turn your phones to Airplane mode to avoid any loud or distracting notifications from appearing during your interview.

Unless necessary, you should avoid using your phone as soon as you enter the destination of where your interview takes place.

Opt for taking a book or magazine to read instead whilst you are waiting for your interview to begin.

Any questions you have or notes you want to take should be written down in a physical notepad, NOT in the notes section on your phone.

Good Luck!

Instead of ending this blog with patronizing you on the Don’ts of interviews, we prefer to wish you good luck in any interviews you have in the future.

And remember, the more you prepare yourself in knowing what you should and shouldn’t do prior to and during interviews, the higher chance you have of succeeding in them.