How to Make the Most of your Christmas Holidays

How to Make the Most of your Christmas Holidays

According to a government survey completed in 2016, primary school teachers are working in excess of 55 hours a week and secondary staff work around 53.

How to Make the Most of your Christmas Holidays

Being able to switch off and enjoy your Christmas holidays is essential for your own mental health and motivation this time of year- teachers need a break too!

With the new year looming, it can be difficult to put thoughts of schoolwork to the side and enjoy your own festive period without having any guilt.

At Forward Teaching, we understand this issue all too well and are here to help. We’ve created a list of tips and advice to help you make the most of your Christmas holidays.

1. Don’t check your email

Stop being a slave to your emails this Christmas.
Unfortunately, they will still be there when you return to school and dealing with work-related issues over the festive period will seriously deflate your Christmas spirit.
If you can’t go cold turkey and are worried you’re going to miss something very important over the holidays, then perhaps try limiting your email checks to once a day.

2. Stop feeling guilty

It’s not just children who need a break, teachers need them too and you have more than earned it after a term of tight-deadlines, lesson plans, and marking.

Never feel guilty about taking some much deserved time to spend with your loved ones around the Christmas period, it’s what the holiday is there for after all!

3. Treat yourself

You spend your career putting other people first as a teacher, so this Christmas focus on yourself.
Don’t forget to treat yourself, it will do wonders for your mental health and motivation for the upcoming term at school.

Binge on all the films you’ve wanted to see but not quite found the time for.
Turn off your alarms and lay in to make up for the weeks of waking up to face the school commute.
Make up for all the lunches you missed at school whilst catching up with marking or dealing with students problems by indulging in all the Christmas food and sweet treats you love.

Simple things are often the best, so make sure you’re looking after yourself this Christmas

4. No work

Seriously, stop working. You might see the Christmas holidays as a time to catch up on lesson plans or marking or anything extra you didn’t quite get around to in the term. Not only will you go back to school unrested and stressed out, but you would also have missed some serious quality time, relaxing and making memories with your loved ones. School is important, as is marking, planning and everything that comes with it. But, that should never stop you from taking some well deserved time, to put the teaching aside and just enjoy being you.