How to Find the Right Teaching Position for you

How to Find the Right Teaching Position for you

How to Find the Right Teaching Position for you

How to Find the Right Teaching Position For all teachers, from NQTs to experienced, finding the perfect teaching role in a supportive environment is notoriously difficult.
After lengthy application processes and the inevitable stress that comes with finding a teaching position, it can be tempting to accept the first offer you receive, even if it may not be a perfect fit.
Having a teaching role in an environment that is right for you is vital, not only for your mental health and motivation but also for the students you teach.

An unmotivated teacher = unsuccessful students.

So, how do you ensure a teaching role is right for you?

Be honest with teaching agencies

If you are using a recruitment agency to find your next role, it is so important to be honest from the outset about what you want and expect from your next teaching position.
For our team at Forward Teaching, finding a position which is a great fit for you is our number one priority. If you want to work in a certain environment or with a particular age group or key stage, it is vital that you make this clear, to avoid being interviewed and put forward for jobs which you don’t really want.

Research the school

If you are thinking of accepting a role at a school, make sure you do your research first. Visit their website and read Ofsted reports. Despite this information usually being created for the use of students and parents, it can be a great way to learn the school’s ethos and discover what their values and expectations are of both students and teachers.

If possible, speak to current members of staff who work at the school. This will give you a valuable insight into what it’s really like to work there, without the glossiness that comes with website content or public documents that the school has created itself.

Visit the school

If you’re pleased with the research you have carried out on the school, it may be worth a visit. Visiting a school you might potentially work in will allow you to gauge the atmosphere while getting a feel for the staff, children and building. If the school doesn’t meet your expectations or feels unwelcoming, it may not be the right environment for you to work in.


Finding a teaching role that is absolutely perfect is a tall order. However, at Forward Teaching we aim to secure you the best possible position we can.

If you are looking for your first teaching position, or are looking to progress up the career ladder, view our job vacancies here or contact us today to see how we can help you.