Evolution of Teaching: how teaching has changed over the last decade

evolution of teaching

Evolution of Teaching: how teaching has changed over the last decade

The busyness and bustle of day-to-day teaching often means that, weeks, months and even years are flying past in the blink of an eye.

This can leave teachers, assistants or senior leaders desperately trying to keep up with a whirlwind, without having the chance to really reflect on what’s been going on and changing in the industry right in front of their eyes.

The fact that we are just a few months away from entering a whole new decade has got us thinking here at Forward Teaching…

From emerging classroom tech to adopting new techniques and curriculums, the profession of teaching and the art of learning has evolved dramatically in the last ten years.

But what are some of the major ways that teaching has changed over the last decade?
Read on to find out.


Emerging technology

Perhaps the biggest evolution in education has been the development of EdTech.EdTech
The rise and development of disruptive technologies has completely transformed
nearly every aspect of our lives over the past 10 years and education is no different.

If you’re anything like us, you may remember going to school and being blown away by the introduction of interactive whiteboards that were revolutionary in the teaching and tech world.

But, could you have possibly imagined going to a school where robotics were used to connect students to classrooms?

Or, would you have thought it possible to go into a lesson where augmented reality was used to provide a visual demonstration of a subject?

When most of us reading this were at school and even up until 10 years ago, these ideas would have seemed impossible. Yet, these are some real-life examples of just how far EdTech has progressed over the last decade.

Today’s school pupils have never experienced a world without the internet or technology, so it was only a matter of time before the education system had to update to be able to speak a language that kids understand and engage students in a way that they know and enjoy.


Teaching techniques

We all know that each and every student in your classroom is different.

Every child is receptive to different ideas and teaching techniques. In previous years a ‘one size fits all’ methodology was used when it came to teaching, and if a student didn’t get on with it, that was their hard luck.

However, throughout the past decade, the teaching industry has seen a level of flexibility it has never had before. Teachers are able to teach the curriculum in ways that, ten years ago, would have seemed crazy.

From using drama in english to help students understand the books they’re reading, to using music in science to help them remember the elements – there are no longer the same limitations that were once in place.

Not only has this improved children’s engagement in class and their levels of motivation, but it can also increase a teacher’s job satisfaction as they are no longer planning identical lessons and exercises for pupils.


The progression and developments that have been made in education throughout the past decade have been remarkable and it’s interesting to think about the evolution that will inevitably happen over the next decade too.

What do you think will be the next big change in teaching?

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