What is EdTech?


What is EdTech?

EdTech is, in a nutshell, a piece of technology which supports teaching efforts. This could be anything from laptops and interactive whiteboards, to robotics which support a personalised learning experience for students.

Teaching methods have remained similar for hundreds of years, so EdTech really has revolutionised the way we think about our approach to teaching.

Technology in education is becoming increasingly popular, as it provides a far more dynamic way of teaching. EdTech is great for distance learning as it connects teacher to classroom in seconds. It has also proven to be beneficial in helping children before they even go to school. Educational apps and games help prepare younger people for entering a learning environment.

The one area in which EdTech is proving massively beneficial is in helping SEN students and schools develop not just better academic skills, but social skills too.

The use of EdTech helps equalise SEN students in the classroom both physically and mentally. When unable to be in a classroom in person, EdTech allows students to interact with students and teachers as if they were there in real life. Ground-breaking technology within the education sector delivers new ways to communicate and socialise for children.

EdTech isn’t just for students, it can be useful for teachers too. From online software to help streamline your marking process, to digital assessments which can quickly diagnose students with dyslexia or other learning disabilities, the benefits that come with EdTech are truly endless.

If you are looking for more ways to engage your students and inject some innovative technology into your classroom, EdTech is perfect for you.