Benefits Of Guaranteed Pay Schemes

Benefits Of Guaranteed Pay Schemes

Guaranteed Pay Schemes

Did you know that 7.4 million adults in the UK are still struggling to pay for necessities such as
bills due to the high cost of living?
A regular income is essential for the majority of individuals currently living in the UK. And for
those who are unable to work full-time or within permanent roles, the uncertainty of a solid,
regular income can cause discomfort and stress.

Fortunately for educators who require flexible work, some agencies will offer and provide a
guaranteed pay scheme (GPS).
Let’s explore the benefits of guaranteed pay schemes.

Provide Comfort
A benefit of guaranteed pay schemes is that they offer reassurance and comfort for both
candidates and agencies.
GPS candidates will have peace of mind that they have financial security with a steady income,
whilst agencies can feel confident and satisfied in knowing that they have outstanding
educators and support staff representing them in their schools.

Cover Short-Term Contracts
Whether you’re a teacher or teaching assistant needing flexibility or a break from permanent
employment contracts, one benefit of guaranteed pay schemes is that they cover short-term
contracts including, day-to-day work.
You can secure flexible work that best fits your personal life while ensuring a regular income.

Support Career Growth
Unlike permanent educators who are restricted in their ability to explore other environments,
guaranteed pay schemes support candidates by allowing them to explore other areas within
education whilst providing them with a solid income.
Through day-to-day work, candidates can experience different schools, age groups, and
curriculums, helping them identify the areas in which they’d like to further develop within.

Forward Teaching
Are you interested in signing with an agency that provides a guaranteed pay scheme?
Forward Teaching has you covered.
If you’re seeking day-to-day supply work, rest assured that you’ll have a stable income with our
guaranteed pay scheme.
And an additional benefit we have to offer is that after you are established within the first term
on our GPS, you can specify your favourite schools and obtain pre-bookings in advance.
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