Back To School: Top Tips

Back To School: Top Tips

After 6 weeks of possible late nights and afternoon lay ins, that time of the year has arrived. It’s time to head back to school, and we at Forward Teaching are providing parents (and carers) with our top tips to help you and your children prepare ahead of the new school year.

  1. Uniform  

There’s no more waiting in line, a number of schools now allow you to order your school uniforms online, delivering them straight to you. So, there’s no excuses. The school uniform is essential. Ensure the 3 S’s (shirts, skirts, and shoes) fit. Ensure they are clean and remember to label all items of clothing. There’s nothing worse than having to try on 10 oversized jumpers cause you’ve lost yours in the playground and it wasn’t labelled!

  1. Good Timekeeping

If your alarm has been snoozed or turned off for the whole 6 weeks, now’s the time to turn it back on and in the famous words of George Michael, “Wake me up, before you go go.” Get yourself and your children back into a good routine, ensuring breakfast is eaten, uniform is on, and teeth are cleaned to enjoy a smooth ride out the door in the morning.

  1. School Supplies

Bring out the backpacks and sharpen those pencils. Packing should come easy if you’ve been on holiday over the 6 weeks, and now’s not the time to pack light either! Remember to pack extra as we all know how the pens and pencils manage to grow legs and go missing throughout the term…

  1. Calendars   

Trying to remember the date during the 6 weeks holiday is a myth. Everything becomes a blur. To prevent this from happening with the new school year, we encourage you to print off a school calendar to keep track of any key events across the year. Keep your calendars tidy to avoid the fear of not knowing whether you’ve sent your child into school on an Inset day!

  1. First Day Photos

This one is not so much as a need, but a want. First day photos. The kid’s hate them, the parent’s love them. We all know how fast the school years go by, so it’s nice to have a keepsake for each new year. And first day photos don’t have to be boring. Have your child pull a funny face or pose with their new backpack. Most importantly, have fun with it.

A new school year can be a daunting experience for both children and parents (or carers). But remember to enjoy it where you can. The years go by so quick so try to avoid spending half of them feeling worried or stressed.