10 Reasons Why You Should Get Into Teaching

Reasons to get into teaching.

10 Reasons Why You Should Get Into Teaching

Did you know that in 2020, 16% more people applied to become teachers than in 2019.

Why was this?

Because a pandemic disordered the world and teaching was admired as one of the very few stable professions.

As we suffer from a shortage of teachers across the UK, it’s important that we remind you of why teaching is a strong profession and provide you with our top reasons on why you should get into teaching.

  1. Constant learning

You don’t have to be the student to learn. As teachers you are able to constantly learn, and it doesn’t require long hours in training either.

It can be through a simple interaction with one of your students.

Use a student’s urge to ask a thousand questions to your advantage and take the time to study any questions you don’t have the answers to. You can learn from your students just like they learn from you.

  1. Share your knowledge

Imagine a world full of knowledgeable people who never shared their knowledge… companies, brands, inventions wouldn’t exist.

We need to share our knowledge with others to progress in life.

As teachers you get to share your knowledge daily with your students and colleagues. In sharing your knowledge you can help build the future generation in the space of one room.

  1. Practice leadership

We discussed leadership in our “10 Traits of a Successful Teacher” blog. What better way to practice leadership than through teaching.

As teachers you demonstrate leadership from the moment you stand in front of your class. You guide your students through any challenges and lead them to new levels with your knowledge and power.

  1. Work worldwide

You don’t need to be flight attendant to travel with your profession. Teachers can do it too.

You’re never stuck in one place with teaching. Your profession is honoured and required worldwide. As teachers you can share your skills and knowledge with children from all over the world.

Don’t let the daunting process of applying to teach overseas stop you, trust the process and you can let teaching take you all over the world.

  1. No day is the same

There’s no Dolly Parton 9-5 routine with teaching, but it’s guaranteed that you’ll never get bored. For each day there’s a new question from a different student.

Your students will keep your guessing and, on your toes, as to whether the dog ate their homework, but it’s all part of what is a unique profession.

  1. Demonstrate your passion

Imagine a career where you get to speak daily on a topic you love. Well, in teaching you can do exactly that.

Whether you have a love for biology, art, literature, or music. As teachers you can practice your passion everyday. And with passionate teachers comes great results.

  1. Stable career

Reflecting on 2020, although a turbulent time for most professions, in terms of teaching the profession was on solid grounds. And this still remains the same.

We will always need teachers. From nursery through to university, teachers will always be essential.

No AI programme will match up to the real deal that is you.

  1. In demand

Just like the PS5 was in 2021, teachers are in high demand. Especially as of now.

As curriculums are updated and new ones are introduced, teachers will be required across all subject areas.

Just in September this year a new degree course was introduced in Ireland which now teaches individuals to become influencers. With new courses like this being introduced, new teachers will be required for years to come.

  1. Career progression

Teaching comes with a ladder. You don’t have to climb it, but it’s beneficial if you do.

The opportunities are endless. As teachers you can become Head of your Department or Headteacher. There’s nothing stopping you.

  1. Make a difference

As teachers you make a difference every single day. Everyday a different student learns a new subject or skill.

You can make a difference for more than 30 individuals in one day. Now that’s impressive.

You will face challenges along the way but it’s all worth as you see great results in your profession.


Do you want to make a difference and secure a stable career? Why not consider the rewarding profession that is teaching. Let’s help reverse the shortage of teachers across the UK and the rest of the world.

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