10 Benefits Of Using Agencies

10 Benefits Of Using Agencies

Why Agencies?

Did you know that in 2022 recruiters filled 25 million temp and contract roles?

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Today we’re discussing the top 10 benefits of using agencies and recruiters to help fill positions and secure work.

Time Saving

We’re all time poor!

And with only 24 hours in the day it’s important we use all the possible resources around us to help spare an hour or two.

When it comes to saving time with job applications, agencies are the ideal resource for you to use.

For organisations, an agency will save you the hassle of having to source through hundreds of CV’s to find your ideal candidate.

With candidates, instead of creating tens of CV’s to send out to different companies, an agency will help by creating a single CV or profile which they can send to multiple companies for you.

Faster Hiring Process

Nobody enjoys a hiring process that drags on for months.

Not the organisation, nor the candidate.

For organisations, an agency will effectively speed up the hiring process with having suitable candidates on their system who they can connect with immediately when you have a job available.

Provide Tips & Advice

Do you appreciate helpful advice before interviewing for a new role?

Agencies are a valuable source when it comes to offering tips and interview advice to candidates due to the knowledge and experience they have in the sector they are recruiting for.

Agencies can help provide tips to their candidates on how to structure their answers to interview questions.

They can also advise which form of questions the candidates should ask the respective interviewer at the end of their interview.

Free Advertising

An agency can help advertise available vacancies and market out new candidates for FREE!

Through using an agency, organisations can increase their exposure for a new role they’re hiring for.

The increased exposure also applies to candidates as agencies can send your CV and profile out to multiple organisations at once.

Market Knowledge

Select the right agency and they can act as your own personal encyclopedia.

Agencies that specialise in specific industries will have useful market knowledge which can help both employers and candidates.

Prior to an interview, agencies can share their industry knowledge with candidates if they need extra assistance.

Reduce Risks

We all like to feel safe and secure, especially with our careers.

Agencies will source through potential candidates first, helping organisations reduce the risk of hiring unsuitable employees.

They will also only encourage and put forward candidates for jobs that will suit their knowledge, experience, and needs.

Good Network

If you’re on LinkedIn you know how important and beneficial networking is.

Through using an agency both organisations and candidates can connect with potential employees and companies that they would not necessarily be able to by themselves.


With the majority of agencies you’ll find you’re not bound to a contract.

There’s no signing on the dotted line.

Agencies will work around you to help you fill positions and secure long or short-term work.

Whether you’re an organisation or an individual seeking work, you’re entitled to use more than one agency.

Offer Additional Help

More so a benefit for organisations, agencies can help with background checks and obtaining references prior to your initial interviews with candidates.

This can then help eliminate any candidates who are deemed not suitable for your vacancy.

Form Long-term Relationships

Agencies are determined to help organisations and candidates find their perfect fit.

They work with different organisations and individuals on a daily basis.

Agencies value having long-term relationships with their clients and candidates in hopes that clients specifically will maintain using them for future vacancies.


So, if you’re still debating whether you should use an agency to help you fill a vacancy or find a new job, hopefully these benefits will help make the decision for you.

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